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CKL offer a variety of classroom storage solutions so you can keep everything neat and organised.  Our tray storage units come in a selection of sizes and colours. In addition we offer art storage solutions, lunchbox trolleys and various seating and display shelving perfect for storing and displaying books and educational equipment.

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Througout April and May, we have a spring sale, choose from Craft Tables, Stools & Dining Tables and you have to do is quote spring 10% to recieve your discount.

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CKL specialise in the supply and install of educational furniture...

Educational furniture plays a crucial role in fostering conducive learning environments.

Versatility is key, with modular designs allowing for flexible classroom arrangements to accommodate various teaching styles and activities. Thoughtfully crafted storage solutions help keep classrooms organized, promoting efficiency and minimizing distractions. Well-designed educational furniture not only facilitates effective teaching and learning but also contributes to creating inspiring and inclusive educational settings conducive to student success and growth.

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Throughtout our webstore you will find a large range of products for the classroom.

Please let us know your favourite items and we will create a list of contract items for you to help you save precious time and money.